Monday sneak peek

I'm thinking of adding a little Monday morning sneak peek to the blog every week showing what I'm working on right now.  Today, I'm working on one of the future month's BOMs for Love Patchwork and Quilting.  Each month there's a main block and a bonus variation block.  There has been a lot of foundation paper piecing in this BOM and this month is no exception.  These geese are pretty small so foundation paper piecing is the only way to get that really accurate crisp finish.  I design the blocks and draw up the templates in Touchdraw which is an app for iPad and mac.  So what are you working on this week?


  1. A 3-tiered gâteau with tumbling sugar pansies.

  2. I am working on figuring out where rolleiflex ^^ lives so that I can get in on the gateau action!! ;0
    Polka dots AND flying geese?! Be still my heart! XX!

  3. Teeny tiny geese with impressively pointy beaks!! This week I'm hoping to start cutting fabrics for my niece's quilt - I have (just) less than four months to make it...argh!


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