Selling quilts and scraps today

Yesterday on Instagram on a new account @lqdestash, I put some scrap packs and some quilts up for sale and this morning there are only a few left.  Sizes and prices are listed below the pictures.  If you're interested in any of these, email me on  I can tell you more about the quilts if needed and can look into the cost of shipping any one of the quilts internationally.

1.   80" square medallion quilt backed with a Suzuko Koseki print.  £200 shipped UK. SOLD
2.   70" x 90" Jungle Ave quilt £150 shipped UK.
3.   84" square Storm at Sea quilt £150 shipped UK. SOLD
4.   Dear Stella Big Dresden quilt backed with a soft flannel. £100 shipped UK. SOLD

1.   300g purple scraps. £10 shipped UK. NOW SOLD
2.   600g red scraps.  £15 shipped UK. NOW SOLD
3.   550g green scraps.  £15 shipped UK. NOW SOLD
4.   950g blue scraps 1.  £20 shipped UK.
5.   950g blue scraps 2. £20 shipped UK. NOW SOLD
6.   550g brown scraps.  £15 shipped UK. NOW SOLD
7.   600g pink scraps.  £15 shipped UK.  NOW SOLD


  1. Give me a shout if you find yellow and orange scraps ;)

  2. Your quilts are beautiful and I think you've sold them for impossibly cheap prices.


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