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Another month brings another issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  Always bright, fresh and modern, each issue is packed full of beautiful projects as well as lots of information and articles about all sorts of other fabric and quilting relating news.  See end of post for more information on getting hold of the magazine worlwide.  

Karen Lewis' stunning cover quilt

I have worked with Jenny, the editor of the magazine right from the start and you could not meet a nicer sweeter person.  She is dedicated to getting the look of the magazine just right and I think she pulls it off in every single issue.  Lots of beautiful projects and all beautifully photographed.  

The Pointy Quilt - my Oakshott project

Alice from the magazine does an incredible job of putting the projects together on the page.  

My Tutti Frutti spiderweb quilt

And I don't think I've ever come across a better pattern proofer than Lin who can spot a pattern error at 100 paces.

Judith Dahmen's Dutch Windmills Quilt

My favourite projects projects from this issue are all in this post but there is so much more to see in the magazine.  My overall favourite for this issue has to be these fabulous cushions by Jo Avery which remind me of Georgetown Circles.

Jo Avery's Boho Pom Pom Cushions

So I just wanted to say a little thank you to the whole team at LP&Q for putting together such a beautiful inspiring quilt magazine which I look forward to receiving in my letterbox every month.

Julianna Gasiorowski's mix-tape pillows

To subscribe from the UK and rest of the world, check out the Subscription page on the blog: 

To buy issue 10:

The handy 'find us' page lists where we can be found worldwide


  1. That Pointy Quilt is just amazingly, incredibly, fabulously, classy. Coming soon to a bed near me???

  2. I'm a U.S. subscriber and I just love this magazine! The layout, the texture, the size and the monthly gifts/kits make this publication unique. Issue 9 arrived recently and I'm devouring it. It is my favorite quilting magazine!

  3. Just picked it up in WHSmiths :-)

  4. You are so sweet to say my project is your favourite! Thank you Lynne. I adore both your quilts in this issue (which I finally got a look at tonight!) and am in awe of your output. I got to meet Jen in the flesh (very briefly) a few weeks back and can confirm she is just as lovely in person. Can't wait till we all get together in 3 weeks time!!!

  5. LPQ is one of the best mags around. I do love your pinty quilt.


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