Quilt Sale Today!

Great big quilt sale here today. The run up to Christmas seems as good a time as any to have a Quilt Sale with quilts listed at low prices to sell.   If you are interested, leave me a comment or email me on lilysquilts@gmail.com to arrange payment and delivery.

SOLD English Paper Pieced and Appliqued, Road to Tennessee quilt - bright coloured scraps on Timeless Treasures Charcoal Sketch Background.  68" square.  £200 shipped in the UK.  £220 shipped elsewhere.  Featured in 500 Quilt Blocks.  

SOLD Christmas Table Runner.  18" x 38" £25 shipped in the UK.  £30 shipped elsewhere.  Featured in 500 Quilt Blocks. 

SOLD Three Daisies Quilt.  Quilt on a Kona bona background with three daisies paper pieced from Lotta Jansdotter's first line, Echo.  50" x 70.  £150 shipped in the UK.  £170 shipped elsewhere.  Featured in 500 Quilt Blocks. 

SOLD Stars and Stripes Quilt.  37" square baby or toddler quilt.  £75 shipped in the UK.  £85 shipped elsewhere.  Featured in 500 Quilt Blocks. 

King's Treasure Quilt.  60" square made from Essex Linen and Denyse Schmidt's Shelburne Falls line.  £150 shipped in the UK.  £170 shipped elsewhere.  Featured in Classic Modern Quilts.  

Pam Kitty Love Picnic Quilt.  Measuring 67" square and made from Pam Kitty Morning's Pam Kitty Love line and backed with a red and white cotton gingham check, this quilt was featured in the recent summer issue of Fat Quarterly. It is for sale for £150 shipped in the UK, £170 shipped elsewhere.

St Louis 16-patch.  This quilt is made using Anna Maria Horner voiles which are incredibly soft.  It is 80" square and backed with the Anna Maria Horner Field Study print you can see turned over on one of the corners further down in the photos.  It is for sale for £200 shipped in the UK, £220 shipped elsewhere in the world.


  1. WOW - very reasonable prices for handmade quilts - the prices probably barely cover the material costs
    Some real bargains here but unfortunately many won't understand that
    I hope you have lots of interest

  2. Oh my, how can you part with these??

  3. Lynne you are way too cheap- I don't let any of mine go for less than £300 for smaller ones!

  4. I want the top one w black background. I've sent my paypal address

  5. Love the Pam Kitty quilt.
    How much does it cost US dollars? And does that include shipping?

    1. Hi Glynette, I couldn't reply through your email as it was not linked to your blogger profile but the quilt would be $275 and that would include shipping to the US. Email me on lilysquilts @ gmail . com if you're interested! Lynne X

  6. They are all so beautiful, but if you have no need for them selling them gives others a chance. Looks like you will have some funds for the holiday shopping.

  7. How can you part with them? They are all so nice. Di x

  8. Who wouldn't want to own any one of these, because they are all beautiful and made by you? Hopefully, they all will find loving homes. However, as a quilter, I wouldn't feel right buying a quilt unless it needing rescuing--I've rescued several vintage/antique quilt tops and blocks. The St. Louis 16-patch quilt especially speaks to me, since I'm a St. Louis, MO native. I've had this quilt design on my "To Do" list for some time.

  9. These are really lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yeah, way too cheap! You are worth so much more!


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