Oakshotts in Marmalade

For those of you in the US, Oakshott's newest stockist is Tammy from Marmalade Fabrics.  She has taken stock of Impressions:

And Water F8th packs.  

Like Liberty Lawns, these shot cottons are not cheap but they are top quality quilting cottons, lightweight and supersoft with the most amazing depth of colour.  Added to which they are ethically produced in Kerala, India where Michael Oakshott has a strong working relationship with the co-operatives who dye and weave the cottons.  


  1. *sigh* This is some of the best fabric around. Anywhere. And Tammy at Marmalade is awesome.

  2. If I could only sew with one fabric for the rest of my life I'd choose Oakshott...gorgeous to fondle and heavenly to hand stitch through.

  3. Those are nice new colors in the Impressions stack. I do love these Oakshotts! It's nice to have another option for purchasing.


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