Abakhan Projects on a Budget

In this economic climate, we are all thinking about what we can and cannot afford to make, what fabrics we can and cannot buy, what notions etc.  Well how about coming up with some ideas for projects on a budget?  THIS FEATURE IS NOW OPEN WORLDWIDE.  Here's the idea.  You head on over to Abakhan Fabrics and pick out £20 worth of anything that takes your eye.  We send it to you free, you make, photograph and write a tutorial to go on my blog.


So here's what you need to do:

1.   You can now be anywhere in the world to participate in this challenge!
2.   Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would like to make using £20 worth of anything from Abakhan.
3.   In a few days from today, I will choose a winner who will have one month to choose their booty from Abakhan, make something and write a tutorial.
4.   Don't be disheartened if I do not pick your idea this month, there are always other months.
6.   The item can be anything at all - clothing, quilted or non quilted items - anything crafty at all really.
7.   Be as original, as traditional, as creative or as simple as you like.
8.   And this month's theme is Summer at the Beach - anything at all to do with beaches and summer and all that jazz.


  1. I'm dying to make a mat for the beach - lounge chairs, flat on the sand, whatever - something that will go with me, and roll up into a cute little bag without doing the awkward towel movement whenever you try to lay it out.

  2. I'm loving the giant star quilt tops at the moment, one of those, backed onto an old bath sheet would make a picnic blanket that could be wrapped around a cold, wet, and/or tired child at the end of the day, and they wouldn't even know they were helping carry stuff back to the car!!!!

  3. I would love to make a kids beach tote with a patchwork front, fully lined and little button loop closure. It qould be an easy bag to make and big enough for a bucket and spade, suncream, books etc. My blog is www.bobbinsboutique.com and I've made my own pattern for similar ladies tote bags before.

    Nicole x

  4. I would love to make a picnic blanket!

  5. I would make a very easy pillowcase dress. I have never made a dress, but I hav seen pictures of this style of dress and I am certain I can figure it out. An easy, breezy summer dress.

  6. I'd take a pile of cushion pads and a fabric bargain bag and sort out some cushions for my living room. It looks dowdy!

  7. I'd use some of their natural organic cotton drill fabric with some fabric paint and some pretty lining fabric to make a summery tote bag to take to the beach!

  8. I've had in mind an easy way to make an ohio star lately. It would be fun to use summery solids for a beach blanket.

  9. Inspired by a recent speaker at my quilt group I would love to try fabric painting and have an idea in mind to make a mini quilt with daisies on (they are such a friendly flower!!), so I would choose PFD fabric, some acrylic and silk paints plus some pretty fabric for binding/backing etc to make the mini quilt in memory of my grandmother (Whose name was Daisy, she was such a lovely Nan and taught me many crafts)
    Monkey Business and Quilts


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