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I love faveing things on Flickr.  They're almost always the things I wish I'd been clever enough to make and the same is true this week.  You can click on the links in the decriptions to go through to the original photos and find out more.

My creation

1. Tallahassee Anna Pillow.  This is currently my favourite block and I need to make a whole quilt of these but for now this pillow will have to tide me over.  Made by teaginny, the fabrics choices are just perfection.

2. Modern She Made Swap pillow.  Joanne Shapemoth is ludicrously talented.  I think I love everything she ever makes and this pillow is no exception.  I'm guessing it's made with Oakshott Rubies but I don't know for sure.

3. Crazy star pillow cover.  When I started doing this feature, I didn't expect that the same names would keep appearing but they do.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nicole Dutchcomfort never stops amazing me with her extremely wide repertoire of quilting styles and her eye for colour and design.

4. PTS9- pillow front.  I don't know Deborah Littlemama but this is one of those pillows that leapt off the page at me - perfect mix of fabric choice and design.  This is my idea of modern quilting - traditional blocks mixed with modern fabrics.

5. improv quilt.  People who have skillz with improv make quilts like this look effortless but don't be fooled.  Making something like this and balancing it and making it work is really really hard.  Leila where the orchids grow is one of my longest time online quilting friends and has a beautiful eye for balance which I think this quilt showcases perfectly.

6. Butterfly Pillow - PTS9 Recieved.  This pillow makes my toes curl in delight.  Made by Adrienne Little Bluebell, it is another example of the perfect mix of traditional blocks and modern fabrics.

7. Basted and ready to appliqué! Brioni Flossy Blossy is luckily way to busy with life to read blogs so won't read me gushing here about her.  She lives near enough to me to come to my house relatively often, is part of the Fat Quarterly gang of (sadly now only) four and is HUMONGOUSLY talented.  I am big headed enough not to be intimidated by other people's quilting talent too often but Brioni gets me every time.

8. 'Pathfinder' in Quilt Scene 2012 (4).  OK so it's Joanne Shapemoth again.  Twice she made my faves in one week.  She really is that talented.  If she doesn't have a book out this year or next year then I will eat my hat.

And I always love to see what you've been faveing on Flickr if you have a minute.


  1. GAH love the red pillow!!!! this week i favorited this guy:

  2. The butterfly pillow is one of my favourites too as well as this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27978080@N07/8188637012/in/faves-10295698@N06/

    And thanks again Lynne, I’m walking on clouds today!

  3. There area some real stunner's here Lynne - and I have to say I love each and every one of them too - can't wait to start sewing again, can we get some heat sorted soon please.......

  4. Crazily talented - it's the way these fabrics are put together that have me drooling.

  5. Another stunning mosaic - I love this feature! I've just added this to my favourites http://www.flickr.com/photos/41904070@N08/8226796081/in/pool-britquilt


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