Saturday, 6 October 2012


Tickets for the Fat Quarterly Retreat are now on sale and can be bought by clicking HERE.   £200 for a weekend ticket (no day passes this year) and we sadly cannot accept any requests to hold tickets for a future date or accept payment in instalments.  The weekend runs from lunchtime 19 July to lunchtime 21 July and is once again at Baden Powell House.  Tickets include workshops and classes (which will be allocated nearer the time), teas, coffees and Saturday lunch.  There may be additional quilting-related group sight seeing activities in London on the Friday morning and Sunday afternoon as well.  There is some information on accommodation on the retreat page and in the fqlondon Flickr group.  If you're looking to find out who else is going, looking for a room mate or someone to travel with, the best place to go is the fqlondon Flickr group.

My fave pic of my pics

We cannot wait to see you there!


  1. Just bought my ticket: woo hoo!

  2. I've got mine too Wooo hooooooooo!

  3. My fingers are crossed that you don't sell out too fast and that Santa can bring me one too!

  4. Got my ticket, and the hotel room is booked! (Okay, I left the latter efficiency to my room ;o) )

  5. Sounds fab (although of course I won't be there) BUT my mind is busy boggling at the idea of 'quilt-related site-seeing'. I cannot imagine...


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