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Once again I've picked a few Flickr favourites this week to share.  You can click through to the original pictures further down the post if you want to see the original, bigger pictures and I've written a little bit more about why I picked each one. 

This week's favourites on Flickr

1. 100_2007: This is a picture of Penny Sewtakeahike welling up on opening a quilt made for her by a group of us and orchestrated by Kerry Very Kerry Berry.  Penny has had a miserable year and the quilt was made to bring a smile to her face.  We each made a couple of Quilt-As-You-Go blocks using the method Penny herself made a series of tutorials about.

2. Lipari Oakshott Wheel of Fortune.  Since two of my favourite things are Oakshott shot cottons and pointy paper piecing, how could I not love this beautiful pointy spiky thing made by Nicolette Dutch Comfort.  It looks to me a bit like some kind of a steampunk underwater spying device.

3. Mini Greenfield Hill quilt.  This mini quilt made by Audrie from Blue is Bleu has been around for a few weeks but stops me in my tracks each time I see it.  Mini perfection.

4. The Traveling Quilts for Heather.  I love everything about this quilt top so far.  It's a travelling quilt so at each stop, someone adds more to the top.  I love that it is based on one of my all time fabric lines, Miscellany by Julia Rothmann.  I love that fish (which I think was added by Jacquie Tallgrass Prairie Studio and I love the bang of Oakshotts Faith Fresh Lemons added onto the side.

5. Patchwork Bag for Kerry.  A little bag made by Ayumi Pink Penguin for Kery Very Berry Kerry.  Absolutely perfection because everything Ayumi makes is absolutely perfection.

6. Headliner Text Quilt.  Well what can I say.  Rita made it.  That's all I need to say.  One day she will make something I don't like.  I suppose.

7. rainbow plus quilt.  This is an Ashley Film in the Fridge quilt.  I love the simplicity of the plus shapes mixed with the white space.

8. The Taming of the Scraps.  There is likely to be a Linda Rotz Miller quilt in this mosaic every Friday or at least most Fridays.  Linda is a one-off and if you don't follow her on Flickr, you should.  She's funny, fun, kind, friendly and always keeps me entertained with her endless imagination.  If you're looking for new ideas for placement, colour mixing, use of value, border treatments, Linda's photostream is the place to start.  She tends to make 2-3 quilt tops per week so there's always something new to look at.  And she is absolutely fearless in her fabric choices.  If it's got cows on it, the empire state building, ducks on a lake or witches on broomsticks, Linda will find it in the back corner of the shop, the corner where no-one else dares to go and make something amazing from it.  


  1. You have picked out some makes from some of my favourite people to Flickr watch! I also love the travelling quilt, fish and all. I have been collecting Miscellany and hiding it away for a while now because of this quilt! And Linda is amazing too, and Nicolette and Rita. I could go on, but I won't...

  2. Another lovely selection Lynne

  3. I read your point number 2 as "steampunk underwear spying device", and was mighty confused for a second.

  4. Oh dear, welling up again at a photo of a girl i don't know welling up over a quilt i don't know; Maybe I should get my hormones checked. I LOVE the spiky, disky, compassy one.

  5. I'm really enjoying your Friday Flickr round ups - keep em coming! And how lovely of you all to make a quilt for Penny - I remember that amazing and hilarious DQS quilt she made you a few years back.

  6. Another wonderful FP post - I'm so glad you started doing these! The photo of Penny brought several tears to my eyes...what a lovely and thoughtful gesture from you all xx

  7. "One day she will make something I don't like." Ditto!

  8. I'm delighted to see my pic of Penny as one of your favorites! It was amazing to be part of the group that created this awesome quilt. :)


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