Kokka coming to the Village Haberdashery

Annie at the Village Haberdashery, has a whole load of Kokka fabrics coming in the next 2-3 weeks  including Ruby Star Vinyl by Melody Miller and Nursery Versery by Heather Ross.  10% off for anyone ordering a FQ bundle of either line before they come in.  PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged at the time you place your order. Fabric will be shipped to you as soon as it arrives in the shop.

Ruby Star Vinyl - SALE PRICE £36.44 / Regular price £40.50.

Nursery Versery - SALE PRICE £56.70 / Regular price £63.00.



  1. LOVE the Ruby Star Vinyl. Makes me want to pick up that old phone and ask for Berkhamsted 2193 please.

    1. They look like post war designs; you won't find them on Berkhamsted 2193.

  2. Interesting selection - though not really my style, as you know

  3. Love the Ruby Star line but the HR does nothing for me. Maybe it will grow on me. It's amazing how much her style has changed in the last few releases and I think I'm definitely more of a pre-Kokka fan.

  4. I love the nursery one!


  5. The little mice are so adorable! =D

  6. The Heather Ross prints are adorable and they are on a lightweight linen, thank goodness! I was getting a little tired of the canvas. Score!


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