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I want to start this post with a thank you firstly to Delma who is the person at the head of this amazing charity Siblings Together which brings together siblings separated by the care system.  Secondly I want to thank Laura Needles, Pins and Baking Tins for being the Prince Phillip to my Queen during this exciting week.  She has been my sounding board, sidekick and consigliere and most importantly she never lets me get too big for my boots.  And a third thank you - and the biggest one - to all of you in this country AND also all around the world who have stepped right on in, pledging quilts, finishing WIPs, making blocks, planning new quilts, donating fabrics, organising block parties, offering quilting services etc. etc. etc.

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If you want to know more about this project, go to the starter post here and join the Flickr group here.  If you click here you can find all the hard core information you need including shipping address, quilt size guide, kids' ages, timescale etc.  This week, two calls for blocks were made in the group. the first was by Judith Needles and Lemons, calling for 8 1/2" simple log cabin blocks.  For specific block and fabric requirements, click here.  Judith gave as an example this Flea Market Fancy log cabin quilt made by Natalie from Greenleaf Goods who explains more about it in her blogpost here.

Flea Market Fancy quilt

Nicolette Dutchcomfort (and many others) has made a few of these squares already:

blocks for Siblings Together

Then Trudi Quilting Prolifically posted in the group with a request for granny squares.  Click here to find out exact block and fabric requirements.  Katy's quilt gives you an idea of the sort of thing Trudi is aiming to make:

granny square quilt top

More quilts and WIPs have been appearing in the Flickr group pages including this teal and ash quilt made by Charlotte:

Amy Butler quilt

And this Tumbling Little Apples quilt top made by Kelly:

Tumbling Little Apples quilt

Jennifer in the US has the fabric but not the time and so is offering a whole variety of fabric stacks from her stash for people to use if they have the time but not the fabric.  

Dark Aqua/Pink

Kate from M is for Make got together with Karen Blueberry Park.  Karen chose fabrics from Kate's shop to make into a quilt.  Here is the set she chose. 

siblings quilt

Michael Oakshott emailed me as soon as the post went up last week to say that Oakshott would be sending a pair of these City Lights shot cotton quilts.  Since he and I both have twins, we both love the idea - as I know many of you do - of matching quilts for siblings.  

When I pressed "publish" on the original post last week I emailed Delma and said, "here goes nothing" clearly forgetting  for a few brief moments the overwhelming generosity of quilters all around the world.


  1. and that's me off to get the hanky again

  2. such a wonderful idea - I'm really glad it has taken off and so happy to be able to help

  3. Yay so glad everyone's pulling through on this :o)

  4. No blubbing queenie, we've got work to do! Loves xxx

  5. It's a brilliant idea L and Bee Blessed would love to donate a quilt too! jxo

  6. I am just about to chop up a FQ stack of Stockholm, it's a teen-goth-girl delight!

  7. Quilters DO have big hearts and when we are channeled, we can do amazing things.

  8. I agree, it is pretty wonderful how quilters can get together to make a difference. Thank you to you and Laura for getting this started.

  9. Thanks Lynne and Laura for enabling us to be part of this wonderful project! It’s so great o see that everybody is really participating, also in the discussion threads!

    Quilters make borders disappear!

  10. That is so wonderful Lynne!! I'm a bit behind after a blogging hiatus but I'm in :) I can only donate a quilt top is that ok? I've have some great fabric perfect for a boys quilt with no one to give it too!

  11. what a fab collection already! brilliant effort everyone and can't wait to get my lovely donated fabrics from Kate!

  12. What at awesome idea. Was directed here from Life at Rosemary Hill. I think it is wonderful what you are doing.


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