guest post by summerfete

So here I am!
Thank you Lynne for allowing me 
to guest post here on Lily's Quilts
My name is Clare a 30something
I live in England and have been
mumbling web-logging
for 3 years under the guise of summerfete.
To tell you the truth 
I began blogging to prove to
myself and others that I'm more
than just a girl struggling to conceive.
My discovery of patchwork began on a trip to
New York early September 2001.
We never made it to NY, we diverted to Cape Cod,
where we found our sanctuary
and I found patchwork quilts!
The children haven't materialised
but the quilts have.
I like to think that my blog is an honest reflection
of who I am as a person...
...genuine, a little bit silly,
but with good intentions!
Mainly I like to hand sew,
you know what they say about
a mechanics car?
Well its a similar story with a 
dressmakers daughter.
I muddle along!
I was that girl at school
who could thread a sewing machine .
I do love to paper piece
mainly for the flexibility,
and the fact I like to make my own templates,
more for frugal reasons
rather than any super intelligence.
Recently I have been trying out 
a simpler colour palette,
as I like that patchwork can be just as stunning,
without costing a fortune.
I've also been getting to grips with the machine!
Now for the juicy bits!
I REALLY love gardening
I'm not keen on meat.
I don't drive..loser right?
I watch the biggest loser.
I don't wear make-up.
I've been around the world.
I'd love to be an artist.
I got married in lavender.
I like different.
If you like different
do pop on over to
where I shall be turning the  above patchwork
summer of love
into a quilt!
Thank you Lynne
to you and your readers
for taking the time to peruse my
Clare xx

ps. don't press the undo button too many times or you will delete your whole post!
Oh happy day!


  1. A lovely post Clare, I love reading your blog and 'Summer of love' is are an artist x

  2. I can add that you are also one of the sweetest people on the planet. Its a great pleasure to know you Clare. xxxxx

  3. Summer of Love looks stunning. I have a mind to do something similar for this years hand sewing project. Last year was 1" hexagon charm quilt.

  4. Summer of Love looks amazing! I'm heading to your blog now Clare!

  5. lovely post.......great blog

  6. Lovely to find out more about you Clare. We have quite a few things in common but I am much older than you! I would love to see photos of you in your Lavender wedding outfit. I bet you looked stunning.

  7. I just love these 6 pointed star quilts and your zig zag quilt is a stunner. Glad to meet you!

  8. oh clare~ lovely post!! can't believe you got bit by the quilt bug in cape cod! where did you go, tumbleweeds? I'm so happy we have cape-cod-quilting in common~

  9. Yeah, you're alright you are!!!!
    I can second Diane's comment. You are a fab blend to have. Didn't know about the lavender dress,must tell us more.
    Lisa x

  10. Enjoyed reading that! Thanks! And your quilt IS a work of art!

  11. Sounds great! You are a truthful person:) That is a great quality!

  12. This was such a fun post to read. I'll definitely be heading over to your blog.

    Thanks, Lynne!

  13. What a lovely post. Your quilts are beautiful, especially that one with just white and cream and I love the way you write about yourself, you go girl!
    I've herded my blogs into one place, please come and find me at

  14. Wonderful guest post! Lovely quilt too! Jxo

  15. You made me laugh! I was that girl too.

    My mum was a home-ec teacher in the local High school. She taught cooking and sewing. I always wanted to break the mold and be someone different. I can't stand to be boxed in by expectations.

    Love the quilt!

  16. Beautiful quilt, lovely post.

  17. loved reading your guessed post Claire, and now will add you to my list of blogs to read. Funny isn't it with Mums and sewing, my girls would use super glue rather than a needle to attach something, but now (20+) down the line, they both sew, one even designs and makes her own patterns.

  18. Heading over to your blog now! LOL about the undo button - have just done the same thing myself this morning. more than once too! Doh...Happy Quilting. Alison x

  19. I love your Summer of love quilt and your post...I'm off to your blog!

  20. Now this is a lovely post! I've 'known' you for years yet I've learnt more about you now - thank you. I don't weare MUCH makeup but have been asked to wear it for my business English lessons (with all my smart French businesspeople) and actually I quite enjoy that. I've just signed up for a makeup advice session at our local (therefore French) pharmacists. It will either be lifechanging or a disaster. Watch this space...

  21. Beautiful work! I just love your star quilt - fabulous :)

  22. I just love your quilts!

  23. How nice to meet you and see your pretty quilts. I send you my heartfelt wishes for success in your quest for a family.


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