QAL - template adjustments - this is a very boring post

In this QAL, I have discovered that miniscule differences in seam allowances, cutting templates and cutting fabrics multiplied over 21 templates with two seams each can result in different dresden circle sizes.  My outer diameter measures 25" and the inner diameter measures 7" but others have different measurements.  And so, here are some additional templates to cover that issue.

Inner Circle

Template LQ QAL2 has additional circles to cover diameters from 6" to 8".

Inner Circle if you cannot print templates

If you cannot print this template to size, you will need to make an inner circle template using a compass. The diameter of your inner circle template needs to be one inch larger than the diameter of your dresden circle.  For the following inner circle diameters, set the compass to the following distance between point and pencil and draw a circle on a piece of paper.

Diameter: 6"      set compass to 3.5"
Diameter: 6.5"   set compass to 3.75"
Diameter: 7"      set compass to 4"
Diameter: 7.5"   set compass to 4.25"
Diameter 8"       set compass to 4.5"

Outer Circle - the best solution

Templates LQ QAL3 and LQ QAL4 cover diameters from 24" to 26"

Outer Circle - alternative solution

If you have already cut your fabrics and your circle is smaller than 25", Template LQ QAL3 (extension template)  allows you to alter the ends of the outer circle template to compensate for a different sized circle.  This will not result in a 100% perfect circle so I would only suggest using this solution if you cannot use the best solution above.

Outer Circle if you cannot print templates

Cut out a square of paper (I use newspaper because it is big enough) 14" square.  In one corner, mark two lines 1/4" away from the edge of the paper. This point is the centre of the (quarter) circle you are going to draw.

Now take your ruler, put the zero mark on the centre point of the circle and make a mark at the 12" mark (for a dresden circle of 25").  The radius of the quarter circle template is half of the diameter and the diameter must be one inch smaller than the outer diameter of your dresden circle.  For outer diameters listed below, you mark points on the ruler as listed below.

24"    outer dresden circle diameter - 11.5" on ruler
24.5" outer dresden circle diameter - 11.75" on ruler
25"    outer dresden circle diameter - 12"
25.5" outer dresden circle diameter - 12.25" on ruler
26"    outer dresden circle diameter - 12.5" on ruler

Keep rotating the ruler and inch or so until you have a series of marks making a curved line.

Join these together to make your cutting line.

Cut along the cutting line to make your outer circle template.

Please feel free to ask for clarification of any of this in the Flickr group as I don't know how well I've explained it.


  1. you are a genius Lynne! I don't know how you put up with us ... and it wasn't boring at all .. I was hanging off every syllable ...

    zzzzz ... whatwasthat? oh sorry .. hi!

    no really ... thank you so much ... am so looking forward to seeing this come together :)

  2. My word, this gets more complicated every minute. Are you getting sorry that you started it yet? I'm probably going to end up just doing the one I fear as all I've managed to so far is to cut the templates and one set of fabrics. Last week I couldn't get into my sewing room, this week my sewing machine is being serviced and next week we're on holiday; so by the time I start sewing you'll all be finished!

  3. Thank you so much for the update on templates! I think I will be able to fix my template now....but I think I will practice first to make sure that I don't mess up again.

  4. Excellent Lynne! Thank you!

  5. OK.....who is that upside down couple there? It's driving me nuts.

  6. Thank you so much for figuring this all out and for sharing the whole process! Now we have all learned not just how to make your quilt but also how to make templates for this kind thing in the future.

    I think this information makes it all easier, not harder and thanks again!

  7. Here we go Lynne. The newbie quilter followed all the info you provided and may I say I didn't find it at all boring.
    p.s. Thanks for this QAL i've not laughed so much in years.

  8. Thank you, thank you - I will be printing and chopping away happily now!

  9. I have only cut my blades so far - just other things happening last week. Maybe that's a good thing - I will wait until I'm ready to sew to cut the background and center circle. Thanks for the tut on making the template from newspaper - cool!

  10. Dear Lynne, thank you again! You are so nice aswering our doubts! I used my old dresden ruler (I have never had courage to use it before!)So my inner circle has only 2.5" and the outter 18.5", so I will follow your directions and I will create my template with the newspaper.
    thank you so much and a large hug from Brazil!

  11. Yes , who is the photo of! whys it upside down! :)

  12. Good going Lynne! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks for the update and great looking instructions. I'll be figuring those out once I'm home from Spring Break... and I have to finish my last dresden piecing...

  14. Thanks for the update, Lynne! I'm getting ready to pick my fabric for this! Really excited!


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