Triple framed pinwheel tutorial

With four more days to go before my Moda Bake Shop debut and giveaway, I need to distract myself with a bee block tutorial.  So I will show you how I made this triple framed pinwheel block for Amy Allie Kat Mom in this month's Fresh Modern Bee.  The finished block is 12" square or 16" square with the two rounds of sashing.
Triple framed pinwheel

1. Cut two 7" and two 4" squares of background fabric and cut each square in half diagonally.
2. Cut six 3" squares of triangle filler fabric and cut each square in half diagonally.
3. Cut several 3/4" strips of triangle border fabric as needed.  I used the equivalent of about four WOF strips.

1. Border each of the 12 filler triangles with the triangle border fabric to give 12 triangles looking like this:
2. Trim the small background triangles to the same size as the bordered triangles (very slight trimming required).  Join sets of three bordered triangles to the small background triangles in the order shown in the first three pics below.  Trim the large background triangles to the same size as the triple bordered triangles (very slight trimming required) and join the large background triangles to the triple triangles to give the block shown in the fourth pic below):
My creation
3. Join the four squares together, first in pairs and then into one block.  You now have a 12 1/2" block (12" finished).  If desired, add two rounds of 1" sashing (strips cut 1 1/2" wide) to made a 16 1/2" block (16" finished).

If I have shortcut or abbreviated these instructions too much, please leave any questions in the comments box and I will get back to you with clarification.  And, if you make this block, please credit your image back to this tutorial and show me what you have made.  As old as I am (although I did have copper highlights added into my hair yesterday and my nine year old said it took years off me), I still get excited when someone makes something I've designed.


  1. Oh wow. Must have a go at making one of these. It's gorgeous.

  2. lol @ your nine year old's comment!

    gorgeous block lynne. Someday i'm just going to make a quilt of all of your blocks!

  3. Ha ha leave it to a 9 year old to bring the harsh reality, eh?

    LOVE the block - yours are always so creative and beautiful.

    You're on my reader but I realize I neglected to add you to my sidebar blogroll. Will rectify immediately.

  4. I love your block. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Can't wait till Sunday!

    I reiterate my earlier comment. :)

  6. Wow this looks great - I need to make 4 pinwheel blocks to make my bee quilt 6 x 5 so am going to try this for one of them. Thanks!

  7. you are on fire!!!

  8. She did NOT say that about your hair??!! Well, at least that cheeky monkey noticed! I'd just about have to dye my entire head of hair fuschia for anyone around here to actually say SOMETHING. How is it that you can spend $150 and 3 hours at the salon, return home, slave over a hot stove, sit down to dinner with three other people with 20/20 vision, tidy up, help with homework, get people off to bed, throw the dog out for a pee, get yourself off to bed and a WEEK later, your husband says - hey, did you get your hair cut?

    But I digress. Nice block. I'm sure your hair is fabu, too.

  9. Hi Lynne, your new blog look is great! Very clean looking! Can't wait for your bakeshop!

  10. I love it! Cant wait to get it!!! Thank you!

  11. I just finished making this for one of the last blocks to complete my pinwheel quilt for Fresh Modern Bee 2. - thanks!

  12. How on earth did I miss this?! I've just seen S&T's block in your Flickr group and came over to see the tutorial - it's amazing! I wonder what other treasures I've missed...


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