I'm not saying much these days

Because I'm working on a few secret things (including a birthday quilt for my Mum which I can't show on the blog in case she sees it) and I can't show you any of them until next spring so it's going to be pretty quiet around here for a while.  But I can show you this month's block in the Amitie BOM which I have just finished.
Me and this block we had issues
Remind me why I am subjecting myself to this piecing torture. OK, I confess I'm loving it but I am finding it challenging and the seam ripper is my constant companion. If anyone else doing the BOM doesn't recognise the fabrics or the shapes in this block, I am simplifying where I can and, this month, adding my own fabrics where I made such an **** of cutting the Amitie fabrics I was forced to cut into some of my own.  And, BTW, this block is nestling in crisp snow at a balmy minus 8C - brrr - I stayed in the house in my slippers to take this one and just chucked the block down on the snow by the back door.

I also promised I'd show you any more blocks made for me in the Busy Bees bee over on Flickr where I've asked everyone to make large hexagons.  Angela Tweedledee Designs / Cut to pieces who is not only ludicrously talented but also one of my very favourite people out there in blogland and flickrland, made this amazingly fabulous hexagon.  Just take a minute to look closely and try to work out how she did it because I'm still baffled.  I know maths was involved (fractals, whatever they are) as was hand stitching.  Yikes.
November Hexagon Block for Lynne


  1. Beautiful blocks! Love the paper pieced hex!

  2. That hexagon is perplexing. I suck at math, so there's no way I could ever pull something like that off. Where's my calculator? :)

  3. Can you tell me more about the BOM...or are they having a new one in 2011. I am looking for a new hand piecing project and I love the look of yours!!

  4. I heard England got a snow storm and wondered if it hit you. My 3 year old is convinced Santa comes when it snows - I am dead meat if it snows before the 24th. :)

    Beautiful Block! Can you imagine a whole quilt of these!?!

  5. Love the BOM. I'm on my 3rd attempt at this one, so understand completely where you are coming from! The end result looks fab tho'
    Better go and finish mine.....

  6. Both of the blocks are amazing. I am in awe, there is no way I would have the patience to do them. I will just enjoy looking at your beautiful work.

  7. Both are lovely blocks. The pieced hexagon by Angela reminds me of Iris Folding which is done with paper to make greeting cards. Here is a link to one tutorial. You can google "iris folding" and find many patterns and directions to make your own designs.


    I've made some cards using iris folding and fabric instead of paper-but no sewing-folding the fabric to get the shape of an apple and a Christmas tree. They are thicker than paper iris folding, but lots of fun to try.

    Now I'm interested in adapting Angela's block to the iris folding technique-with sewing this time, rather than folding.
    p.s. no math involved in iris folding!

  8. absolutely beautiful!

  9. Oh wow, these are very pretty! And I understand all about not sharing surprises on here.

  10. OOoo Secret sewing.. Love your BOM block, it looked great out in the snow!! That hexi is fantastic!!

  11. Beautiful blocks, thanks for sharing. I'm also snowed in, freezing and doing secret sewing, such fun!

  12. Wow that hexagon is fabulous, love the fabrics too! This is the problem with letting your friends and relatives read your blog! I am going to put all my handmade xmas presents on the blog this year but not say who they for!


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