Friday, 23 July 2010

Paula's Pouch

Look at this fab pouch Paul Ozier made using my union jack tutorial.  Now the funny thing is that, while I was looking for a link to her blog , I stumbled on her website and have only this second just realised that she designed this fabric herself and also has a ton of other fabric on her website that she designed including a fabulous origami line, some with elephants, bugs, flowers and in fabulous colours.


  1. She is a very talented lady! Lovely pouch

  2. That's a very cute pouch, but I have mixed feelings about you posting links to Paula's website - I am pretty obsessed with Russian Dolls and the origami fabric looks great too BUT do you have any idea how much fabric I've bought in the last month or so?! Too tempting!
    Oh, congrats on finishing your Kaffe diagonal quilt, can't wait to see it unveiled.

  3. you girls are making me blush! I managed to post the pouch off this morning so I guess I will just have to make some more!


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