Tuesday, 20 July 2010

And the winner of the Saints & Pinners dolce fabric giveaway is...

... number 228 chosen by the true random number generator this morning who will win ...
and who said she would make a patchwork skirt for her little girl and that her favourite fabrics were the six shown below: 
Is this you?  If so, put a comment on this post and get in touch with me via the email on my profile with your snail mail address and Saints & Pinners will be sending you a very pretty bundle in the post.  And please come back to me with a photo of the skirt!

And yes, it's Isabel F, as she guessed in her comment below!  She knew it was her because we had emailed back and forth about the skirt for her daughter when she left the original comment - many of your comments about what you would make really interested or touched me.  Isabel had walked past a shop that morning and seen a really cute patchwork skirt she wanted to make for her daughter and I loved that idea.


  1. hey....that's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks Lynne :))))))))
    and I will do that skirt , for sure! :)
    big huge hug from Portugal!!

  2. I'm sure your girl will love her new skirt Isabel, congrats!

  3. oh, fab win Isabel! Those 6 will make one cute skirt!

  4. Congrats to the winner...oh and I have been meaning to ask you how the quilt for your mom is going? Did you finish it and I missed it?


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