Union Jack tutorial now has printable A4 template

There are now templates for both A4 and US letter paper.  The dimensions of US letter paper are so similar to A4 paper that, by my calculations, the cutting instructions in the tutorial do not need to be changed.  Everything you need to know to make the block can be accessed by clicking the Union Jack tutorial link over on the right.


  1. Finn has been asking me to make him a 'boy' quilt for ages, I think that this may be the one to go for...:)

  2. Brilliant - thanks a lot. Its going on my list and I will try and get to it soon. cheers Shev x

  3. Lynn, I tried printing it a few times. When I did "US letter", my printer cut off the left side of the template, when I tried the "A4" setting or "Scale to fit", my printer cut off the right side of the template. I could just tape them together, but I ended up just scaling the entire thing down to 92%. It measures a little smaller (7 3/4 x 10 5/8), but it all fit. I probably could have just scaled down to 95%. I am sure it will vary from printer to printer, so we Yankees will have to play with our printer settings, but it is all good!
    I'll try the tutorial during baby's naptime. I am excited!


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