Union Jack template now also in US letter size

Janice (sewgirly) and a fellow fresh modern bee member made this beautiful union jack from the tutorial in one hour and twenty minutes.  However, converting it to US letter size was not straighforward so I have made a US letter sized template which is available through the link in the tutorial.  Janice made her Union Jack from "Wildbunch Fabrics from FunQuilts" and "Victoria designed by Fabric Freedom".  How did she do it so quickly and neatly.  If it's my tutorial why am I so much slower and mine don't look so perfect?


  1. When I was over visiting in the UK I saw a few fabric Union Jacks turned into note boards. There was one in a tea shop I wanted to take a photo but did not. Thank you for the link. I just found your blog.

  2. She has to be fast...lol....she only has a certain amount of time before her little boy wakes up!
    Love the block, I will be trying one of these days :)

  3. AllieKat, you took the words right out of my mouth! I was working under a time crunch! Plus I'm in the middle of working on my 100 paper-pieced flying geese blocks, so I am in the mode.
    Thanks for featuring my block, Lynne! I'll have to check out the new template.

  4. hi Lynn, i try your link of the union jacket,but it's broken..can u help? Would love to try it!! hehee

  5. Me too desperate looking for the tutorial :) I see all the nice union jacks in you flickr group and would like to try it.

    Best wishes


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