Two giveaways, a new bee and a union jack

Well as well as a reminder of my HUGE 22 FQ Kona Solid giveaway ending Friday 2 July, I would like to mention cuttopieces giveaway of Katie Jump Rope scraps which I am desperate to win as I adore this discontinued line.

I ave just signed up to a new bee using the quilt as you go method explained by sewtakeahike in her four part tutorial.  8 people have signed up so far so there is room for four more if anyone else fancies trying this out.  The Flickr group is being set up by tracy stuntz and is called bee quilted.

Finally, Claudia from Machenundtun made this fab union jack from my tutorial - look how she lined up those dots along the white lines:


  1. Love that block!!! That bee sounds like so much fun. I was invited to join a Christmas Bee recently and I am not in 4 plus a swap and a quilt a long!!

  2. Oh me oh my oh me oh my look at that fab Union Jack. I really should give it a go and I could make my own NZ flag, hmmmm now how about those stars though>
    I'm also in a Bee at the moment - my first ever - and loving it. Have also signed up for a couple of swaps.

  3. So I read "sewtakeahike" as soo-tah-kah-hee-kay and thought wow she has Japanese followers, then realised Japanese people don't quilt as much as Americans, so thought it must be a Native American, and thought 'awesome'. Then realised I was a complete idiot that can't read. Sigh.

  4. Ooh a new bee - I have wanted to try this method for ages and have just joined.


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