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Do you all know Justine from Sew, Justine Sew? I'm afraid I have a special soft spot for her - not only is she really nice and great fun but she is also a premature baby nurse and I have had two premature babies.  I have seen how hard that job is - it entails looking after tiny and incredibly sick babies and also their stressed and anxious parents. 
Well, she's setting off in two weeks to get married.  She and her husband to be have agreed not to give each other presents but she is having second thoughts and is wondering what she might give him.  She put this on her blog:

"He picks up the pieces of my wildly busy life - whilst I try being a special care nurse, mummy to two young children (one with special needs and all that that entails) and on top of that now I've found a huge passion for sewing and blogging - the poor man often doesn't get a look in! How cool would it be to give him some handmade wedding themed goodies from my lovely online blog friends???? I'm open to ideas and really I'm not expecting freebies, I'd be happy to pay for your services if you think you can help!"

So how about paying it forward, spreading some blogland love and heading on over to the post I'm talking about and seeing what  you can do to help her outIf you don't have time to do something before they leave, how about something for when they get back in August? 


  1. Lynne, you didn't have to do this - but thanks anyway {blush}!!


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