Wednesday, 19 May 2010

UK fabric news

Beyond the sea is just in at Saints and Pinners

and Deb has just started to sell Kona solids in her Folksy shop and is willing to consider adding other colours to her range if we ask nicely.


  1. Lynne - that is great news about the Kona solids. Your recent posts on fabrics are really useful.
    And thanks for all your help with our bee. Pleeeaaaase join us....y three kids take up no time whatsoever so I'm quite sure 4 can be no trouble and dust is healthy really! Juliex

  2. you put me on your list!!! i am so flattered. thank you. that is what you were trying to tell me today and i was being dimwitted!!! thanks so much. those are some seriously awesome blogs you put me with.

  3. Lynn,

    You are a very bad inluence when it comes to tempting me with lovely fabrics (not that I need much tempting)!

  4. Very excited, I now have Coal, Snow and Ash Kona fabrics wizzing their way to me along with a colour card thanks to Debs (just dont tell the husband!)


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