Saturday, 22 May 2010

Leah from, a UK fabric shop had the following comments and questions on P+P in her shop:

Hi, as a shop owner these comments are very useful... I am especially interested in the comments on postage. I offer a flat rate postage of £2.50, largely because doing postage by weight / dimension is extremely difficult - I sell patterns and buttons and other items as well as fabrics, so it is extremely hard to get the system to estimate the cost.

One thing I would be interested in is how people like to get samples -- do you mind paying a postage charge of £2.50 to receive samples? Do you like to order them piece by piece or would you prefer to receive a swatch of the complete range, for a small nominal cost? Any feedback would be really appreciated! Happy sewing everyone... Leah x

And here's a John Kaldor fabric from her shop:

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  1. I'll be honest I tend to shop little and often so a £2.50 shipping charge would put me off unless I was buying a few yards at a time, which isnt often.

    Could you get the system to calculate shipping on total spend? As a general rule I would have thought the more you spend the heavier the package and vice versa..?

    I like ordering samples so id be happy to pay postage but only if it was reasonable, maybe £1, £1.50 at most. I also like it when stores include samples with my order :)


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