Thursday, 13 May 2010

Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness

As long as any post has this title in it, you can ignore it unless you are my Mum.  She has bravely entrusted me with a Kaffe Fassett diagonal madness quilt kit which the cottonpatch have assembled and courier-delivered to me today and I will keep her updated on progress with pictures on the blog.

But I have a challenge for for my Mum.  In return for updates on diagonal madness, I would like her to comment on the posts as they appear.  So she has to work out how to follow the blog and how to post comments.  If she fails to do this, I am considering using the kit to make a doll's house quilt and keeping the rest to form my much needed stash.  She has two weeks from today to comment on this blog and avoid this terrible fate.  

I do have one question though for those of you with good eyes for colour.  My Mum is not mad about the yellow bits and I wonder what colour we might use instead.  Kaffe, if you're one of my mystery followers and are reading this, (this is a joke of course but I like to imagine that my anonymous followers are quilting royalty) which of your fabrics would you choose.  Shelley, if you bump into him again any time, soon, perhaps you could ask his advice for me. And Shelley has had an imaginary chat with her imaginary friend and suggested these four possiblities.  Any thoughts anyone?


  1. hm...i quite like the yellow...maybe it's too bright for mum and you just need to pick a lighter yellow...?

    Oh...make me one while you are at it? OK?

  2. No prob Nancy. That should be ready for you in 2020. Is that cash or card?

  3. Hey Lynne - once again you are too funny! I just spoke with Kaffe (we are BFF's now, you know) and he agreed with my idea to substitute the yellow bits with a lighter seafoam-y kind of green or maybe some lavender. Maybe the Paper Fans in Green, Aboriginal Dots in Mint, or Spots in Lavender or Periwinkle?

  4. I have to say your mother is a bit awkward, getting you to speak to the original designer to complain about one of the colours. She'll be saying Picasso's blue period would have looked better in brown next.

  5. You are BRILLIANT!! I have had a blog for YEARS and my mom refuses to post a comment. Of course, neither has my mom gifted ME with a Kaffe' kit!! OH MY!!! ♥♥♥

    I am her personal sewer so maybe I could bait her like this for her to receive her latest request. Hmmm... :)

    The yellow/gold add so much spark to the quilt. I love it. :) But you must keep momma happy. ;)

  6. I sent my Mom a link to my blog when I shortly after I started. I imagined she was totally awed and was feverishly checking it everyday to see if I've posted. A few times I wrote nice things about her in it and just imagined the tears welling up in her eyes as she read my loving words.

    Then a few weeks ago I was talking to her about a quilt I was working on and she said she wished she could see it. I said, "there are pictures of it all over my blog." Dead silence. Then she asked, "Now .... are those pictures on MY blog, or are they on YOUR blog?" Huh??? I guess we're going to be working on lessons too.


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