Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kaffe clarification

For those of you who've entered this contest (see post below), don't forget to let Gwen or me know in a comment what you'd like to win.  You can't win if you haven't chosen in Gwen's shop, Celtic Fusions Fabrics.  Here's another tempter:


  1. And now for my second estimate - I'll go for 47 hours - what fabrics are you using for this though? I'd love to know.

  2. Oh yes, my second estimate and a choice of fabrics! My first guess was 90 hours, so my second guess will be 30 hours. Hey, as far as I know Lynne, you are Super Woman with Magical Quilting Powers. From the teaser shot that you gave us yesterday I can't wait to see the finished product, so I'm hoping that it's closer to 30 than 90. I have no patience!

    Celtic Fusion is a really cool store. I'd probably get some Echino--I love the cars and the scooters as I have a boy and it's tough to find really interesting boy fabrics. Plus, they'd make a great purse for me too :)


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