Monday, 10 May 2010

I am somebody

Did you see "The Jerk" with Steve Martin? When the new telephone directory comes out, his name is in it and he says "I am somebody. My name is in print. Things are going to start happening to me now." Well, I've been somebody in my own world since I was born. Not somebody important or famous but somebody nevertheless. But now I feel like I am somebody in the quilt blogging world. Only a little somebody but somebody neverthless. Why?
Well, Rae Ann has invited me to post on her blog Stash Manicure which is all about building your stash, storing your stash and using your stash. It has ideas, suggestions and posts from lots of different people so there's always something new to find on there. My post is going to be published tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. OK, I'm really excited.

And if you hadn't seen that scene from The Jerk, it's just down below if I managed to follow the complicated online instructions on how to embed a Youtube clip in a blogger post. If not there'll just be an empty box. Fingers crossed:


  1. Hi,
    Its A from Scissors and Thread. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for becoming a follower. I am so excited - you are my second ever follower and my second ever comment. Although I said I blog for me it is still exciting to have others find you! It is so great to find another modern UK quilter and blogger. I have signed up to follow your blog and can't wait to look through it and your pages on Fresh Modern Fabric & Quilt Bloggers (would be honoured to be added!). My favourite quilt shop which is 15 miles from me is (they do mail order and have lots more in the shop than on the website too). I'll be back soon I'm sure. A

  2. Funny Lily. I love Steve. I'll be excited to see your guest blog.

  3. now i know why my life is so dull : i'm ex-directory

  4. Seriously cute! I can't wait until I'm "somebody". =)


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