Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fantasy Bee

With the encouragement of Alison, I am reinstating a post I put up then took down within the space of an hour on Sunday as I had second thoughts about the wisdom of playing the favourites game.  But then it really is just a bit of fun so here goes.  You know people make fantasy dinner party lists and fantasy football teams (well my son does endlessly), well now you can choose you own fantasy bee. You can include whoever you like.  The rules are pretty relaxed really.  You can make up your own rules if you like.  Who am I to restrict your fantasy bee?  So here's mine (as at today although next week, it will no doubt change as I discover another 20 quilt blogs which are my new faves):

1. Lynne because that's me and I don't like to be left out.  I also make nice coffee and always have muffins, cookies and brownies in the cupboard although not homemade. 
2. Mandy who is actually a real life friend who got me into this whole quilting and blogging mess so she has to be in it in case I get stuck and have to borrow her old machine because it's better than mine.  Again.
3. Gwen from Celtic Fusions Fabrics because she is very generous with her fat quarters (that is a hint about something which is happening tomorrow on my blog and her blog where you will have a chance to win some fabric.  Say no more.  Don't want to spoil the surprise.)

4. Nancy because she really makes me laugh and would keep us happy when our points weren't matching.
5. Nanette because, whatever she says about she's not as good as Lori Holt, I still like her applique A LOT.
6. Rae Ann because she is so nice letting people like me on Stash Manicure even though I don't have one to manicure.

 7. Rita because she is the queen of fresh modern quilting and could help us match our points because that seems to be quite a strength of hers.
8. Karen because royalty always need to have a bit of family in tow and she could quilt our quilts with corn circles at the end of we wanted (remember this is fantasy bee where we can have whatever we like).
9.  Ashley because I like pretty much everything she ever makes.
10. Elizabeth because ditto.
11. Any one of the FQ team because they are all amazingly talented and creative although they're probably busy with that magazine at the moment so their blocks might come late which could be annoying.

And now over to you.  Who would be in your fantasy bee?


  1. I would LOVE to be in your bee... give me a minute to convince the hubby that I need round trip plane tickets to the UK every month..K?

  2. Well if I had a fantasy bee I would put people like Bonnie Hunt, Carol Doaks, Jane Sassaman, and Kaffee Fassett in my Bee. I can hope that some of their talent rubs off.

  3. Hmmmm.... Fantasy Quilting Bee ... Now that is right up my alley! I want sooo badly to be in a bee, but because of my paralyzing fear of commitment I've been unable to jump in and join one. Having a fantasy one in my mind will be just perfect! I'd choose my Aunt Dot, a fierce, cantankerous old woman I didn't really appreciate fully when she was alive. She was a WWII nurse right on the battlefield and a prolific quilter. I wish I had known her better but she lives on in the many quilts she left behind. I'd also choose any of the ladies from Gee's Bend who made those mindblowingly awesome original quilts out of flour sacks and old polyester pantsuits. Maybe an Amish woman too, do they have the internet? I'd love Gwen Marston also since her liberated quilting book inspired me so. I'd also like YOU! You seem like a lot of fun and I love your style.

  4. My fantasy bee would have Heather Ross, Saffron Craig, Kate Spain, Riley Blake, Amy Butler, Elizabeth Hartman, MoMo, probably a few others but I would be happy with any of those :)

  5. my fantasy quilt bee would be with some of the awesome quilters and bloggers that blogging has introduced me to. they would be Angela, from My Three Sons...Deb, from Works in Progress...Rita, i think we all know who that is, but from Red Pepper Quilts...Evelyn, from Use the Loot...Nettie, from a quilt is nice...and then i would like my friend Allison and perhaps rope my reluctant to quilt sister into joining!!!!

  6. Oooooh, I can smell the meal overcooking nicely in the background but I want to play along so will ignore it for a while longer.
    1. Jinny Beyer - simply because she was/is an innovator and has accomplished so much ALL BY HAND and when I started quilting she was the one that I devoured...figuratively obviously, not literally.
    2. Elizabeth/Oh Fransson because then she has brought it all bang up to date and fresh
    3. Ditto Ashley/Film In The Fridge. Just regular people creating fantastic quilts
    4. The Managing Director from one of the fabric companies - Free Spirit, Westminster Fabrics...I'm not fussy. Just someone I could butter up into convincing them they needed to give me unlimited forever supplies of fabric
    5.Kaffe Fasset - to talk about colour and also please could I also have unlimited free supplies of his fabric
    6.Anna Marie Horner because I want her life...but not that many kids if you don't mind please.
    7. Cath Kidson - so that I could tell her I do like her fabric very much but it annoys me intensely that any product of hers has the Cath Kidson label on it and I want to take it off and if there were no labels I'd be more inclined to buy her fabric because then it wouldn't be so obviously Cath Kidson (clear huh?)
    8. George Clooney - so that when I'm done with all that quiltiness I can see back and drool.

  7. You are too cute Lynne. How fun. What a fabulous idea!! I get to have some of the real life people I love in my bee. Which is so amazing. I think I'd like Pam Kitty Morning, Monica from Happy Zombie, Elizabeth from Late Bloomer, oh and so many more! And you. Wouldn't that be so amazing.

  8. lol - I promise my blocks wouldn't be late, ok?

    I really don't know who would be in my fantasy bee. I'm in a new real (virtual) bee and the other members are so amazing and kind of who I'd pick for my fantasy bee I have a horrible feeling it'll go pear shaped and all go wrong!

  9. Are you saying my blocks would come back late? are ya? are ya? :-)

    I'm with Alison on having one of the Managing directors of one of the fabric companies. I think they would say WAY more fabric out than we needed and tell us all the keep the leftovers.

    I've just joined a Bee along with Katy that has many of my dream bee people in. Only downside is that it's full of really busy people so i'm not holding out much hope for getting all my blocks back! Should be a hoot though.


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