Thursday, 29 April 2010

Standing on the dining room table taking a photo... not a good idea. I haven't really found the best quilt photo taking spot yet. I wish I had lakes and castles in my back garden like some bloggers - I have a lot of stinging nettles, some cow parsley, a trampoline, some cow sheds in the far distant background. No castles. No lakes. A smelly pond isn't the same. Or a greenhouse with panels missing. Or a polytunnel with green slime on and dock leaves growing inside to gigantic proportions.
So I put the blocks on the dining room table, stood on it and took this photo of all my lovely, lovely blocks looking like a right old pig's ear in this photo. But just you wait. In a week or two or ten, I have a feeling this is going to be a really fantabulous quilt. I'm going to call it something along the lines of "Not quite Dear Jane" because it's going to be constructed sort of like Dear Jane and Dear Hannah - lots of different blocks in one colour against a neutral background, some applique (when I've got some more bondaweb - those trees took my whole lot) - but with modern fabrics, modern blocks and none of that very difficult fiddling around with very small pieces which I tried once and never again because it was too difficult.

Julia, this will all be Greek to you. Bless.


  1. You're so cute the way that you describe things! I have just found your blog as a result of you becoming a follower on Stash Manicure and leaving a comment on our Giveaway post. I am happy that you did! I love your blog and I will be back often!
    BTW... I love your blocks!

  2. I have found you now. I love your blocks. I'll have to add you to my google reader.

  3. yes - that is going to be a fantabulous quilt. Can't wait to see it grow!

  4. Lynne, that's what all people say when they start getting alzheimer's and don't make sense anymore. Total and utter Greek, but the result is beautiful.

  5. I so get what you mean about finding somewhere to take the perfect quilt picture!

    I think the perpetual sunshine that alot of the quilters in Aus and the US get really is unfair, especially compared to the Leeds weather!


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