Friday, 2 April 2010

Hi to Mandy

I want to start this blog with a tribute to my quilting friend Mandy who lives in the same teensy Peak District village as me. Mandy got me re-addicted to the quilting bug after about dropping it for 12 years while my four children were little. Her quilts got me re-started quilting, her blog gave me the idea of having my own quilting blog, we discuss quilts and fabrics in the school playground at pick up time, we go fabric shopping together and we vow to tell each other if either of us ever goes too far and starts wearing patchwork clothes or having an excess of patchwork accessories around the house.

This is a gorgeous Liberty special edition fat quarter she brought me back from her visit to the V&A quilts exhibition. And here is a link to her blog: madewithlovebymandy which I've also added a link to on the right side of the blog. All by myself.


  1. Oooh how exciting I am famous! Thankyou Lynne!
    I have just voted fir you on the Easter parade you are in second place!
    I shall have to put a special link for you on my blog.

    M x

  2. I also have a fear of waking up one day attired in a patchwork vest !!!

  3. I hope you still get comments when they are linked to the very beginning of your blog. I went back to the start because I never picked up on the fact that you were in the UK (just call me thick). I am jealous now because you have a friend that quilts. Most of mine just think it is a strange hobby unless they have had a baby then they appreciate the gift for the new born!


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