Friday, 12 October 2012

Lemoyne Star on point

Karen from The Running Chicken Quilting has a few rulers I've had my eye on and this week she offered me a chance to have a go with the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler.  This is a wonderful ruler for cutting and fussy cutting diamonds and 45 degree angles but has also been designed to allow you to piece Lemoyne stars quickly and easily without having to work through endless calculations.

As well as instructions on the packet, there is a great pair of video tutorials on youtube by Deb Tucker, the designer of the ruler, which I have embedded into this post in case you would be interested in seeing how the ruler works.  

I grabbed some Oakshott Liparis, some scraps, twisted the Lemoyne Star through 22.5 degrees and ended up with a Lemoyne Star on point which I think I'll call the "Lepoynte Star".  And if you're interested in trying out this ruler, you can find it at The Running Chicken Quilting.

Lemoyne star on point


  1. ohhhh nice !!! love the colours too

  2. I so want and need one of these, every time I try and cut these shapes, it never goes right! Love your star

  3. Great idea. Thanks for the links xo

  4. Oooh! The on point works lovely! It's so fancy and yet so clean and simple. Love it.

    PS. I've finally got the hang of the TouchDraw and have started on some patterns. Thanks again the encouragement and tutes!

  5. What a perfect star! Every single point is in perfect alignment!

  6. There's something else for the wish list!


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