Friday, 7 May 2010

UK Fresh Modern quilt / fabric shops

Since starting quilting and seeing all the fabulous fabrics that are out there, I have been slightly frustrated to find that there is a lot more choice in the US than over here. So I thought it would be fun to compile a list (see the page to my right) of shops in the UK (online or bricks and mortar or both) where you can find a good selection of fresh modern fabrics. Please email or comment with any contributions, shops you have used, shops in your local area etc.
My list is starting with Saints and Pinners who have both an online shop and a blog. I confess I had to start with them because their logo is so pretty and it co-ordinates with my blog colours. It is run by Mother and Daughter-in-law team Jo and Fran based in Devon, who together have selected a beautiful collection of fabrics and patterns, including Cloud 9, Erin McMorris and Lizzy House.


  1. i LOVE their logo, my first quilted y-fronts.

  2. Only just found this comment and am now howling with laughter - I love their logo too and hadn't noticed the pants.


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