Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Quiltblog Comedy Genius

Yesterday I inadvertently came across my new favourite quiltblog. After posting on Stash Manicure, I picked up some new followers and spent some of the evening having a stroll around their blogs to find out a bit more about them (whilst also being gripped by shots of Buckingham Palace narrated by journalists trying to guess whether the queen and our old and new prime ministers were all kissing each other's hands). And one of the blogs I visited is going to be the first blog in my new quiltblogroll (easy for you to say): "Quiltblog comedy genius". She had me from the very first sentence of her most recent post and then got me completely hooked by the final line of that same post. Nancy, I hope you don't mind me putting this post on but I think you are a comedy genius. So, if any of you feels like having a right proper belly laugh, head over to With Thread in Hand and start reading. I think her tagline should be something she said in an email to me last night: "I love blogging and it's great to embarrass my kids once in a while".

P.S. When Nancy read this post, she went off and wrote a post of her own of all her favourite blogs and why she loves them - this is a great idea - let's all do it.


  1. well, my goodness Lynne...thank you... now I feel compelled to do the same. How about if everyone posts the blog that makes them laugh... I will do it today...

  2. Funny! thanks for the laugh!!!


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