Saturday, 8 May 2010

Anyone fancy a fresh modern bee?

UPDATE on SUNDAY: We need one more member and comment 14 will probably be that member. If you're too late, leave a comment anyway and I'll group together the next 15 to be Fresh Modern Bee 2 if you'd like.

I've been wanting to join a fresh modern bee but nothing really came up on Flickr Quilting Bee Blocks that sparked my interest. So I decided to start a fresh modern quilting bee. The inspiration from the blocks can come from anywhere but I am thinking Film in the Fridge, Oh Frannson, Red Pepper, Crazy Mom etc. And of course there is also Fat Quarterly and the Flickr Fresh Modern Quilts page. And I am thinking fresh modern fabrics. I'm thinking straight, wonky, drunk (love), improv, mod, break the rules, there are no rules, bold, mad, bad - you get the picture. I am also thinking international (I'm in the UK), the more nationalities the better and the more styles and fabrics and ideas the better.

If I knew how to make a button, this would be the button. If anyone in our group turns out to be good at graphic design then hopefully they can come up with something better than this sorry attempt!

So here are the rules:

1. We will have 15 participants and 15 months. That way, if anyone drops out along the way, we will still hopefully have enough to make a whole quilt and, if everyone stays in the whole way, we will have 15 or 30 blocks each.

2. Start by leaving a comment on this post linking to your blog and/or flickr account. Let me know in your comment whose quilts you admire, what styles you like, what you're currently into (eg. hexagons, grey sashing, wonky blocks, flying geese etc.) and even what fabrics you're desperate to have the excuse to buy! I will gather more information once we have our final 15. I am ideally looking for participants with active blogs or flickr accounts so that I know they will be committed. If life takes over during the bee and you have to drop out for any reason, that's fine but please return any unused fabrics.

3. We will each be assigned a month. Post your inspiration mosaic and instructions on our Flickr page by the 1st of your month and post your fabrics out by that date or a week earlier if you're posting abroad. Before posting your fabrics, post a Flickr mail asking each bee member to confirm that they are still in. That way, we hope to avoid fabrics going missing.

4. You can ask for one block or two. Specify the size you want. Send enough fabrics for the blocks you want and state in your instructions whether bee members can add in anything from their stash. State also whether you would like the scraps back or not. Don't make enormous amounts of work for the members - don't ask them to do anything you wouldn't want to do yourself. This is supposed to be fun, not Dear Jane!

5. If you are making blocks, post sneak peeks and finished blocks on Flickr (and your own blog too if you have time) to keep us all updated. Let me and that month's member know, on Flickr or email or via a comment on my and their blog, if you are running late or having any difficulties.

6. Keep in touch, via the Flickr page (and blogs too if you have the time and energy) with photos, posts and comments - it is fun to get positive comments on stuff you've done! Post photos of every step along the way if you can.This rule kind of repeats rule 5 so I guess I'm not the best rulebook writer.

7. Post your finished blocks out by the end of the month, post on Flickr when they're sent (or post to say when they will be if you run late) and then post on Flickr when you have received your blocks. That way, we all know where we are.

8. If I've missed out any obvious rules or there are any you would like to add, let me know.

9. If we're ready, we'll start in June. If not, July.


  1. Wow, looks like I'm first to put my hand up. I'd like to join. A few of the bees I'm in are winding down, so it will be nice to join a new one with some different people.
    Here's my blog:
    and my Flickr :
    I'm a big fan of all the quilters you mentioned in the post, as well as I'm just a guy who quilts, Quilt Dad, Hanies, I'm a ginger monkey, Bloomin Workshop and many others. I like all modern styles of quilting.


  2. Flickr:
    My blog: coming soon

    my favorite quilt blogs: crazymomquilts, tallgrass prairie studio, p.s. i quilt, and quilt dad. And always--so much inspiration to draw from the fresh modern flickr pool. I'm into all modern styles much more than traditional and am interested in trying new things. For fabric inspiration:, they have excellent taste, I love just surfing through the beautiful fabric.

  3. I so want in! The bee's I am in aren't as modern as I like and I really want to go in the modern direction. I love OhFrannson! she is probably my favorite right now. I also like crazymomquilts, lovely little handmades, and a la mode. I have a small stash and I am working on collecting more modern fabric and japanese goodies! But I want in, I promise I will do lots of shopping :)

  4. I'd love to participate! My favorite quilts are definitely Film in the Fridge, I also love Handmade by Alissa, Cherry House, and Silly Boo Dilly. (As well as all the others already mentioned, of course!)

    I don't have a quilting blog, but I do have an active Flickr account,

    I am new to quilting, but not to sewing. I'm currently starting my fourth quilt, but am definitely still learning.

    I love wonky/improvisational, and at the moment I'm really interested in scrappy quilts.

    I'm in the US.

  5. I would enjoy being part of this group as well. I've never been part of a bee, but would love to try. I just started a blog, but have been gaining inspiration from the online modern quilting community for a long time. I love the style of all the blogs you mentioned, as well as most of the modern designer fabrics. Cluck Cluck Sew is another one of my fave bloggers. I tend to like simple designs and bright colors, although I love Hope Valley for some reason as well.

    I'm from Canada and here's my blog:

    By the way, I LOVE the trees in your header.

  6. Wow! Sounds like a ton of fun! I just got done working a TON to pay off our massive tax bill (vomit!) and think I'm ready to tackle another modern bee! I love all the blogs/designers you've mentioned, and I always hit up Anna Maria horners and heather bailey's for inspiration. Bessiemae is a bad influence on me, and has turned me on to way too many designers! LOL

    I'm in Atlanta.

    Blog - and flickr - Melissa.LeRay


  7. Hello!! I have been looking for a bee to join and most have already gotten on so it was too late to join!! I'm so glad you decided to create one! I'm totally in! :)

    Like a lot of others, I enjoy reading PS I Quilt, JaybirdQuilts, Quilt Dad, Cluck Cluck Sew, Oh Fransson, Film In The Fridge, I'm Just A Dad Who Quilts...etc..I could go on, really. :)

    My favourite things right now are hexagons, circles, pinwheels, I'm not so keen on wonky. Some are ok, but they really are not my favourite.

    Fabrics I'd love to have are anything by Tula Pink or Mo Mo or any of the modern prints for Moda. I love Riley Blake and Free Spirit, Robert Kaufmann and on and on and on! The only thing I really don't care too much for in fabric is pastel. It's ok in moderation but just touches, not a entire quilt.

    Oh, my blog is at and my flickr account is here:

    I can't wait! This will be so much fun!

  8. Well what do you know, I just sent you a note to jump right in and join a swap and here you are starting your own bee! Way to go! Count me in...

    Love, love, love RedPepperQuilts, Oh, Fransson!, and anything by Kaffe Fassett... any excuse to buy more of his fabrics! Also love Anna Maria Horner, Riley Black, and Patricia Bravo. This will be SO MUCH FUN! I'm good with almost any type of blocks, and love to learn new things!

    oh yeah, the blog:
    and flickr name Elsie'sGirl

  9. I would LOVE to join this bee! I have been looking for one just like this. I love every single blog you mentioned. They are my go-to's when I need inspiration. I also love Texas Freckles, Not Your Run of the Mill.., Aunt Spicy, Comfortstitching and SO many more (I am pretty obsessive about my google reader). For fabric inspiration I look at "True Up", "Hawthorne Threads" or I just browse Etsy. I am a Denyse Schmidt fan and also Lizzy House, Joel Dewberry (I really must get my hands on some Modern Meadow!), and I am a sucker for Retro Vintage Linens.
    I'm working on a flying geese quilt right now, but I want start doing some more improvisational quilts, SUPER wonky log cabins and little houses.
    thanks for starting this!
    flickr: sewgirly!

  10. I want in!! I have been looking for a bee like this one. :) I love wonky log cabins, improvisational piecing as well as clean and modern lines with negative space.

    My blog is and my Flickr acct is That Girl, That Quilt

  11. Sounds like fun. I'd love to join in!

    flickr account:

    Quilters I admire: Red Pepper Quilts, Jaybird, PS I Quilt, Not Your Run of the Mill, and so many, many more!!

    Fabrics I'm loving right now include Hope Valley, Nicey Jane, anything Tula Pink, Andrea Victoria, Bloom & Grow, Verna, and (again) many, many more!!


  12. I wish I could join in, but life for the next few months at a minimum, possibly the next two years, is going to be really crazy for me. Moving internationally, quite possibly getting sent to the Middle East for at least a few months...I don't want to get into it and just drop out. Good luck, and I'll look forward to seeing pictures!

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  14. Is there still a spot left? I would love to join in! My favourite inspiration spots are Film in the Fridge, Oh Fransson and cluck Cluck Sew, just for starters! I'm really keen to do something like a string quilt, with grey and a bright, scrappy look. I love Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt, Cosmo Cricket, Lizzy house - I could go on and on.... And I have a big soft spot for French General (though that's not so modern!)

    My blog is, and Flickr

    Can't wait to see where this takes us!

  15. Oh, I'd love to join in the fun! Have been looking for a bee to join.

  16. Oh No, I dont think I found this post in time.

    Let me know if you have any drop outs as I would love to join a bee.


  17. did my other comment post?

  18. well poop, im not sure if you have all 15 or not??
    so i will give my info anyhoo
    i have been lax in blogging since jan for family reasons, which i can tell you in private. i am trying to get back on the wagon
    i am a daily uploader to flickr and am involved in numerous swaps including being the big swap mama for doll quilt swap
    my inspiration is red pepper quilts, film in hte fridge, crazy mom quilts, oh frannson!, georgia mcdonald, and tall grass prairie
    i am loving charcoal gray and have been acquiring nicey jane lately and am dying for some anna maria horner
    oh and i am a regular tweeter too!

  19. If you still have a spot, count me in!

    artistdoris on flickr

  20. Looks like I'm too late...

    But if not, I'm in.

  21. i'm probably too late as well, but if you start a sceond bee, please count me in.

    scruffycat1970 on flickr

    i love oh, fransson! film in the fridge, tallgrass prairie to name a few, and i've recently been loving the following: wonky stars and nine patches, fractured ninepatches, spiderwebs, grey sashing, and solids.


  22. so ... looks like I'm too late ... but if a slot opens or you start a 2nd round ... count me in!

  23. Hi Lynne ... I have just had a chance to check out your great little blog .. loving this quilt bee thing that is going on .. is it for a chariy or anything .. I would love to get involoved by donating some fabric to you lovely ladies ... Look forward to hearing from you .. Gwen celticfusionfabrics

  24. Do you have any spots left? I would be interested and could send you my info if you do. Thanks!

  25. If you have any spots left.... my stream is :

    I am currently working on a half square triangle quilt which you can see pieces of in the photostream. I LOVE red pepper and oh fransson. My favorite designers are Joel Dewberry, Amy Butler, Robert Kaufman, etc.
    I also love hexagons and flying geese. I like variations of pinwheels as well. My favorite color combinations are blue/green.

    I have created a blog in literally the last couple days and haven't gotten started on it yet, but I will soon and it is at :

    My email is or you can flicker mail me.

    Thanks so much!

  26. Are you still taking new members? I'd love to join. Let me know quiltytherapy (at) yahoo


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