Friday, 22 January 2016

Fabric News

The new Seaview collection by Makower has just come into stock at Elephant In My Handbag.

Sew Nana have these Pouch kits available which come with a gorgeous selection of Japanese inspired fabric. Boy  Walking Dog Zip Up Pouch Kit and House Zip Up Pouch Kit, have everything you need to make a lovely gift for a sewing buddy or for yourself.  Fabric, zip, felt, and notions, instructions in both Japanese and English are included.

Pelenna Patchworks have this week taken delivery of a new range of extra wide backing fabrics, the Chromadots collection from Blank Quilting - great to back quilts up to a king size without having to join fabrics!


  1. I love the sea view collection, it could make a really cut summer picnic quilt. Thanks for sharing.

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