Sunday, 30 January 2011

Does my bum look big in this fabulous homage to Orla Keily?

Notice anything?  See my new look?  Don't I look fabulous these days?!  Well this is all thanks to my total and utter design and computer genius and wizardry.  Yes, all my own work.  OK, I'm lying.  I couldn't do anything like this.  It was all done for me today by the lovely Julia from little girl quilts.  She made me a blog header, a button and a choice of icons and here they all are in case you're looking at this in google reader:
header and buttons for lynne @ lily's quilts
She also changed about the colours on my blog so I have a whole new look.  Hurray!  Thank you so much Julia, I love love love my new look - better than plastic surgery (well nearly).

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Amitie BOM - phew, I'm up to date

Having started this BOM on the sewing machine, I soon gave up and conceded defeat - these fiddly little curved pieces really need to be hand sewn.  With two days to spare, I am up to date as I have all seven circles pieced and inset into their grey dotty surrounds.  I also have a hole in the middle finger on my right hand - I really need to learn to use a thimble.  Here are my favourite six of the seven circles - I have also used this BOM as a chance to play with fabrics, patterns and colours.  This really makes no sense as a lot of the price of the BOM is in the wonderful fabrics Amitie send us but I figure I can always use those in future projects.  For the moment, I seem to be drawn to bright pink and chartreuse for this quilt.  Be honest, does it look wonderful or a bit too much?

My creation

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Doll Quilt Swap - the story so far

So my partner in the DQS likes Gees Bend and improv quilts so I decided to get together some solids and go down that route.   My starting point was this but I didn't know what to put down the middle.
Where next?

I had an idea for some kind of swirly shape down the middle but when I added that into the mix, I got quite a reaction from everyone over at Flickr as it seems I had added ladies parts to my quilt.

So those had to be removed and set aside and I went with squares within squares to make a kind of wonky nine patch.

And now I'm mulling over what to do next - stay all black for border and binding, add in some kind of a frame, bind in the aquq, bind in the black with an aqua faux piping. Any suggestions?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Howdy pardner

A message to my partner in round 10 of the Doll Quilt Swap:
I am guessing if you are my partner in the DQS, you might have made it as far as my blog and might be reading this post so I thought I'd stop you right now and tell you that I've put my inspiration mosaic up to inspire you but please don't feel restricted by that at all.  Feel free to take inspiration from anywhere in my photostream, faves, galleries or blog and to run with it and make whatever you will love making.  Last time Penny sewtakeahike made a quilt for me and her inspiration was that she thought I had a good sense of humour so she made a quilt which would make me laugh.  I'm not saying you need to make a quilt that make me laugh - just that you needn't feel limited by my mosaic.

Because I always like to have a picture in a blogpost, here is the blog header from the Doll Quilt Swap blog made up of Amy Badskirt's Blythe doll, Smith, and the quilt blocks she's been working on:
So please enjoy the swap and enjoy what you make because that way I know I will love it.  And please don't go out shopping for any new fabrics - make it from your stash - however big or small your stash is.  The one thing you might want to know is that I will hang it up somewhere in my house but every room in my house is decorated in a different colour scheme so that needn't limit you at all in colour, shape, size  or style.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

DQS and a door

Firstly, in my Ringo Pie bee, we are set seemingly more difficult challenges each month.  This month Lisa (vintage modern quilts) asked for Mid Century Modern doors.  I've kind of put this off and put it off because, although a door's square and should be easy, I couldn't quite think how to make it into a block.  Well, I finally kicked myself into gear today and made this attractive orange door with bottle bottom glass in it, tasteful wallpaper and carpet and a piece of modern artwork hanging slightly askew by the front door.  Knowing next to nothing about styles and eras, I suspect I have mixed seventies carpet and wallpaper in with 80s artwork and a mid-century door.  The other people in this bee are all cooler than me and know this stuff and seem to have the kind of fabrics that make this stuff look cool.  Me, not so much.  I'm more Mum jeans and a nice Marks & Spencers jumper.

But I do need to know whether I need some kind of door handle and, if so, what and how - embroider?  machine sew?  button?  round or one of those sort of L-on-its-side ones?  If my sister or Mum read this, they'll know what is "period" door furniture for this kind of door and will be able to advise but they will probably also gasp in horror at the non-era-appropriate room decorations.
Mid Century Modern Door for Lisa

Secondly, the DQS which is a "doll quilt swap" has just kicked off over on Flickr. Each person in the swap makes a mini quilt for the person to whom they are secretly assigned. The maximum size for the quilt is 24" X 24" so it is a fun way to try out new ideas and make something small, relatively quick and fun.  While we were waiting for it to start, there was a button competition and this was the winner, designed by Amy badskirt:
DQS10 logo contest entry

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

FMQ, here we go!

Ok, with support, advice and assistance from two of my online friends - emails from Trudi quilting prolifically (who's quilting is something to see) and Amy AlliKatMom (go here for her tutorial), and after some tim reading Leah Day's blog and watching her Youtube clips, I took my first tentative steps into the scary land of FMQ (free motion quilting for any member of my family reading this).  So the idea is (for any member of my family reading this) that, unlike drawing where you move the pencil, in FMQ, the sewing machine needle stays still and you have to sort of doodle by moving the quilt.
First attempts at FMQ
I decided I'd just keep on going, however bad it looked (and these are some of the best bits), not stress and curse and unpick, just keep on going.  Now, it's not going to win any prizes but, if I walk to the end of the garden, hang it over a fence, walk back to the house, take my glasses off and see how it looks, it's OK so I'm pretty pleased with "OK from a distance without glasses" on my first go.  Next quilt, I'll put the glasses on and see how it looks - if it's not too good with mine on, I'll try with Nigel's on because his prescription's different to mine.

Friday, 7 January 2011

When in doubt, skinny strip

Well another month and another bee block and a coaster - that's all I have to offer.  Not much, is it?  I could show you a photo of my first ever attempts at Free Motion Quilting but you'd fall off your chair laughing and I don't want any injuries arising from someone reading this blog.  I let my kids have a go too at the FMQ and they were way better than me which is weird because I've been sewing for 30 odd years and they haven't even been sewing at all.  They even came up with new designs I hadn't seen before.  Maybe I should submit them to Leah Day and she'd think I was some kind of FMQ genius - mmm - maybe not.

So all I can show you is one sad little bee block (oh and one sad little coaster - not even a set of coasters).  Actually, it's not so much sad as stiff as a board.  Viv, whose month it is, sent us linen and warned us to starch starch starch so I was sewing with some kind of reinforced cardboard - I hope it washes out OK also because of the smell - phooey.  Anyway, here it is and, as almost always, I've ended up doing skinny strips because I think they're pretty.  I was aiming for a kind of map of the states block but with skinny strips.
Fresh Modern Bee Block for Viv
And here is the coaster.  Now this is a plan of Ayumi's where a gang of super-cool quilters and me are all making coasters which spell out "We love Suzuko Koseki!" and Ayumi is going to hand these to the lady herself at the Tokyo quilt show and we are hoping the lady will gasp in delight and love us all forever although I do think there must be a slight risk that she gives Ayumi that look that famous people reserve for fans - a kind of an anxious smile.  We've all seen it in the pictures everyone bandies about on the internet of them standing next to Kaffe Fassett - they're smiling like a loon and he's looking either slightly anxious or slightly baffled or just a bit bored.  Anyway, I wasn't part of the cool hang because I don't have a cool stash of cool Suzuko Koseki fabrics like the others do so the exclamation mark was only added as an afterthought and my coaster is only really an afterthought to the whole project but, since Ayumi asked so nicely and since I can't resist trying to be in with the in crowd, I agreed and made a union jack as that is one thing I have made twenty trillion times before and can make upside down and backwards with my hands tied behind my back in my sleep.  So here are the front and back of my coaster (and credit should be given here to Kerry's new single binding tutorial which will revolutionise the way you bind small items like coasters).
bikkuri marku coaster

OK I am now going to return to my sewing room and get back to the real job of free motion quilting a whole quilt - yup my first FMQ on an actual quilt.  Up until now I was too scared to try in case I messed up the quilts I was making so I just wimped out and stuck to straight lines.  But now I'm fearless, this one poor quilt has a trillion different types of FMQ on it, every time I turn a corner I try something new.  It's a secret Moda Bake Shop project - I'm not sure exactly how the Moda Bake Shop secrecy rules apply so I don't even know if I was supposed to say that much but there we are, I've blurted it out.  So anyway, if my first ever Moda Bake Shop project comes online at some point in the future and there's a photograph of it way off at the end of a field and you can only see it through binoculars, you'll know why.

Oh and one more thing, if you haven't already applied to join the newest round of the Doll Quilt Swap, applications close soon (10th I think) so get your form submitted.