Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fig Tree Union Jacks

Whimsy and a little bit of Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Which UJ do you like best?

Thank you Dear Fii

...for the pincushion you sent to me in the Scrappy Pincushion Swap over at flickr. Here it is helping out with the pinning on my Union Jack whimsy quilt.
If you're interested in joining in the next round of this fun swap, head on over to the flickr page, join the group and keep your eyes peeled for sign ups starting in August.  In this round, I will be a swap mama which means I get to help organise the swap partners and boss everyone about which is what I'm all about really - I only got into quilting so that, sooner or later, I could get into bossing.

I never win giveaways until... I won one.  And look at these fabulous fabrics I won from the Eternal Maker, a bricks and mortar and online shop in Chichester, West Sussex, UK.  They are all Japanese Echino linens with cameras, buses, helicopters and glasses (the type you use for reading, not the type you use for drinking).  I am wondering if they might be the kind of thing my big sister would like in a quilt.
 The Eternal Maker sell a lot of these Japanese imported fabrics, a lot of fresh modern fabrics, and have a huuuuge selection. You canfind them at many of the quilting shows around the country, including Festival of Quilts and the Knit and Stitch shows at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate.

The giveaway was held on the Sewing Directory's blog.  If you haven't come across the Sewing Directory, it is a great site to visit for anyone interested in sewing.  It lists suppliers, courses, seamstresses and groups throughout the UK as well as sewing projects, articles, book reviews, news (new products, special offers etc) and has weekly competitions with great prizes.  Anyone thinking about Christmas projects might be interested in their latest competition with a top prize of a Janome DXL 603 with the winner being published in Cloth Magazine.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Just looking for a bit of sympathy really :-( 

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And the winner of the Celtic Fusion Fabrics giveaway is ...

... quiltilicious.

Thank you all so much for entering and guessing how long I might take.  Most guesses ranged between 40 and 80 hours and there were well over 100 guesses.  Here's the finished quilt which has now been delivered to my mum who loves it (phew).
It took me 65.5 hours and the winning answer was "65 hours, 27 minutes and 45 seconds" which was scarily accurate given that the guess was made back in May.  
And a big fat thank you to Gwen from Celtic Fusion Fabrics who sponsored this giveaway for me when it first started and has a lovely fabric shop and blog and is soon to be getting in uber-cool Yuwa fabrics as shown in this blog post (one example is pictured below).

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Come and kick Trudy's Ass with us

I made these three blocks this morning ready to send off tomorrow in the fight against Trudy.  You want to join in?  Go to here to find out more and then here to join up.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

And one more

One more Whimsy Union Jack made from my final few Whimsy scraps:

Friday, 23 July 2010

And one for me

It is my month this month in Fresh Modern Bee II and I am asking everyone to make Whimsy union jack blocks and I couldn't resist making another one myself, especially after I'd seen Paula's this morning.

Paula's Pouch

Look at this fab pouch Paul Ozier made using my union jack tutorial.  Now the funny thing is that, while I was looking for a link to her blog , I stumbled on her website and have only this second just realised that she designed this fabric herself and also has a ton of other fabric on her website that she designed including a fabulous origami line, some with elephants, bugs, flowers and in fabulous colours.

Finished ... and the giveaway ends Wednesday

I have finally finished my Kaffe Fassett Diagonal Madness quilt, will deliver it to my mum on Tuesday and show photos of the whole quilt, tell you how long it took me to make it and announce the winner of the giveaway on Wednesday 28 July.  So you still have a few days to submit your guesses as to how many hours it took me to make this quilt in comments on this blog or Gwen's Celtic Fusion Fabrics blog for a chance to win £20 of booty of your choice from Gwen's shop Celtic Fusion Fabrics.  Two blogs, two different guesses, two chances to win.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Final chance to enter the Kaffe Fassett guessalong giveaway ...

... I am in the final stages of quilting the Diagonal Madness quilt I am making for my Mum and here it is posing with Mandy's old sewing machine which she is lending me until my birthday comes along in October.  Mine died of old age and had for some time been held together with duck tape, some blu tak and a pencil as many of the parts snapped off over the years.  I bought it when Grandpa McLaren died when I was 14 and left me a legacy of £100.  My sisters were cool and bought clothes, make-up and records (as they were called in the old days).  I was dorky and bought a sewing machine:

So anyway, to the guessalong giveaway, wonderful Gwennie moo from Celtic Fusion Fabrics has very kindly agreed to give £20 of fabric or items of your choice to the person who guesses correctly how long it will have taken me to cut, piece, occasionally rip and re-piece, measure, mend, sandwich, quilt and bind the quilt.  You can have two guesses, one on my blog and one on the Celtic Fusion fabrics blog where you can also let Gwen know what you would like to have if you win  The winner of the giveaway will be announced just as soon as this quilt is finished which should be over the next week or so.  I still have all the old guesses stored up and all the guesses will go into the mix, if more than one person is correct, I will choose my favourite of the winning comments to receive the giveaway.

And the winner of the Saints & Pinners dolce fabric giveaway is...

... number 228 chosen by the true random number generator this morning who will win ...
and who said she would make a patchwork skirt for her little girl and that her favourite fabrics were the six shown below: 
Is this you?  If so, put a comment on this post and get in touch with me via the email on my profile with your snail mail address and Saints & Pinners will be sending you a very pretty bundle in the post.  And please come back to me with a photo of the skirt!

And yes, it's Isabel F, as she guessed in her comment below!  She knew it was her because we had emailed back and forth about the skirt for her daughter when she left the original comment - many of your comments about what you would make really interested or touched me.  Isabel had walked past a shop that morning and seen a really cute patchwork skirt she wanted to make for her daughter and I loved that idea.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Paper piecing is slow... there will either be no posts for the next few weeks or lots of posts with hexagon stars in.  I'm up to three now and wondering how to join them together.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking widely spaced with white in between but wondering if that's a bit boring.
The fabrics I am using are spectrum solids and Tanya Whelan dolce jelly roll from Saints & Pinners and Kona White and the Kona pastels jelly roll from Simply Solids. And, if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway - 6 FQ Tanya Whelan fabrics of your choice from Saints & Pinners.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Come and join my new Flickr group called...

... the rubbishest thing I've made.  I was pondering the pathetic excuse for a pincushion that I am using and it occurred to me that other people have probably made rubbish things and it would be fun to share them - they can be quilts or pincushions or anything else you've made which is rubbish.  Let's all share the rubbish we've made and make ourselves feel better by looking at other people's rubbish and incompetence.  I will also be adding my ugly quilt to the group tomorrow - the one I backed in poo brown.  Here's the link to the new group and here's my rubbish pincushion:

Help. I'm stuck.

I've removed the HopeValley from the wonky block I made and need to replace it with something else.  These are the only fabrics I have which are in the same colour scheme as this month's blocks but I really don't know whether any of them work at all. I know you'll all think I'm a right numpty asking for advice on something as simple as this but please advise! 

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Finally ... my summer English paper piecing hexagon project

After months of going round and round in circles as to how I was going to make hexagons look modern, I have finalised my plans for my summer English paper piecing hexagon project.  I'm using a Tanya Whelan dolce jelly roll from Saints & Pinners, some of the Saints & Pinners spectrum pack, some Kona White and a Kona pastels jelly roll (both from Simply Solids).  Here is block no 1 in Dolce Glamour pink and Freespirits fuschia:

Friday, 9 July 2010

A jelly roll and two wonky blocks

This Tanya Whelan Dolce jelly roll arrived in the post today from Saints & Pinners.  I had emailed them asking whether they could put me together a roll of strips from the full Dolce range (all 26 designs) and they said that, by coincidence, they had just started making some jelly rolls which will appear on their website next week.

I am going to mix the Dolce with some Kona White from my mate Mandy's shop Simply Solids and put the whole lot together for this summer's paper piecing project.  Now I had been talking about doing a hexagon project but, much as I love hexagons, I am not totally nuts about hexagon quilts - I know they're pretty but the patterns always look too old fashioned to me.  So I've come up with something slightly different using stars inside hexagons which I will show you when it's under way.

It is Susan (aka Chickenfoot)'s month in our fresh modern been II and she has asked for wonky blocks.  These are my first wonky blocks - I tried some before when I made the girls' quilts but they came out rubbish so I binned them.  I am not sure whether I like these or not - I love the fabrics and I loved making them but I'll wait and see whether Susan likes them before I'm happy with what I've done.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

6 FQ Dolce giveaway from Saints & Pinners

I have a confession ... which is that I don't much like shopping for fabric on line. I like to be able to see and feel the fabric I am going to buy.  The other day I wanted to buy some fabrics to go with my Amy Butler LOVE FQs but could not fathom by holding them up to the computer whether they would go at all with the fabrics I was looking at on line.  So I emailed Jo and Fran at Saints & Pinners to ask their opinion and the next morning an envelope bursting full of sample fabrics dropped through my letter box.  I could feel the quality and weight of the fabrics and see the true colours against my fabrics so I made my choices and placed my order.

Another thing you can do on the Saints & Pinners website is to build a fabric 'wish list'.  This allows you to see your choices side-by-side before you put them in your basket which is so important when putting fabrics together. So if you need fabric samples don't be afraid to drop them a line. Their great customer service makes them stand out as an online shop with a 'real shop' feel.
And now to the giveaway.  To celebrate the beautiful hot summer we are having this year here in the UK, Saints & Pinners are giving away a six pack of Tanya Whelan Dolce fat quarters in bright, fresh, summery colours. In the bundle above (shown here sitting in my garden in the sunshine yesterday) there is a co-ordinating set of Dolce Lanas and Lillys but this is one of those great giveaways where you can pick your own 6 FQ selection.  The winner will be chosen on 20 July at 10am UK time by random number generator and you have three chances to win - so leave three comments for maximum luck.

1. Leave a comment telling me what you would do with these fabrics if you won them.
2. Pop over to the Saints & Pinners shop and come back and let me know in a comment which are your 6 favourite of the Tanya Whelan fabrics on sale over there.
3. Click to follow me (or let me know that you already do).

Good Luck to everyone!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Double Geese Circle Block tutorial now up ... and a new giveaway winner...

Sadly, the winner of the 22Kona solid FQ bundle did not come forward over the weekend so, as promised, I have re-drawn and Mr Random Number Generator chose no 148 which is the fabulous quiltinkimmie, swap mama over at the Doll Quilt Swap.  I will flickrmail her with the good news and will publish her reaction here if it's printable!
If you want a template and a tutorial for this block, click here or use the link on the RHS under "pages".  If you have a go, please let me know how you get on, email me pics or the link to a Flickr photo, email me questions and please let me have feedback and suggested improvements on the tutorial.

Scrappy football pincushion and Kona colour cards available in the UK

I made this over the weekend (totally inspired by squidgy ball made by Maria in May) - let me know if you would like to know how to make one for yourself although I suspect most of you could work it out from the picture - but if anyone would like an English paper piecing tutorial combined with the pattern for this pincushion, I'm happy to put one on.
And have you seen what's new over at Simply Solids - Kona solid roll ups, Moda essential dots and KONA COLOUR CARDS - the must-have accessory for all modern quilters is now available to buy right here in the UK.  I have one, Mandy has one. If you haven't seen one in the flesh, it will seem like a lot of money but it is a huge folded piece of cardboard covered in small rectangles of Kona solid fabric colours so you can match your fabrics directly to the perfect matching or contrasting solids and sashings.  And Mandy can get in any colour you want.  AND she lives in my village - hurray!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Doll Quilt Swap quilt set finished

Hurray I have finished my group of three teeny quilts for the doll quilt swap, ready to be sent off to my secret partner later on in the year. I can't show the right hand quilt because it is a dead giveaway as to who the quilt is for so I have hidden it beneath a piece of fabric which says "I told him it was unwise to make me choose between him and my fabrics. I will miss him though."
The back makes up the label telling my partner who made the quilt, when and why and and says:
"OK so who is this quilt for?"
"XXXX who calls herself XXXX. Don't ask why she doesn't use her real name, none of them do"
"And who made it?"
"Lynne from the UK who calls herself Lily. Lily isn't her real name so why she called herself that, I do not know."
"And why did Lynne make this quilt for XXXX"
"She made it to give to her in the 2010 Flickr Doll Quilt Swap. Again, don't ask. There's a bunch of quilters who swap little doll quilts that dolls don't even get to play with"
"Mmm. Weird"

Double geese circle and a giveaway coming next week

I have just finished making Karrie Lynn's July block - she asked for a 16" block using half square traingles and I came up with this (using her Make Life and Kona white).  I could add a tutorial for this block to the blog if there is enough interest.
Check back in next week for another giveaway - I have some very lovely fat quarters to give away after the weekend.  If I say Lilly...not Lily...Lilly...anyone know what I'm talking about (Julia, don't even try).

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Giveaway reminder, 100th post and 3 month blogaversary

You now have only 24 hours left to enter the fabulous 22 FQ Kona Solids giveaway which closes tomorrow (Friday) at midday UK time (so in the US you only really have until the end of the day on Thursday). Today is my 3 month blogaversary and my 100th post but tomorrow is the big day on this blog when I have my first ever date with Mr Random Generator. Keep your fingers crossed everyone and good luck to all of you.
In Fresh Modern Bee, Karrie Lynn has asked for HST blocks and I am hoping she's going to be happy with a double circle of HSTs.  I've done a quarter block practice to iron out glitches and will show you the full block once it's made (with her Make Life fabrics which are on their way).  If anyone would like a tutorial for this double circle of HSTs / geese, I'm happy to put one on the blog.