Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ugly Quilt Contest

Natalia Bonner at piecenquilt has today announced a genius idea: The Ugly Quilt Contest. It opens tomorrow but I was so excited that I jumped the gun and lay my quilt out in the garden today for its photo shoot.

This beauty was made 13 years ago when I was pregnant with beloved child no. 1 and clearly decided that the onset of motherhood was the time to settle down properly like a grown up and take up home crafting. Sadly I did not keep my attempt at a lone star or that would have won hands down. However much I ironed it, it would not lie flat but popped back up again into a pyramid.

Anyway, this is my entry into the contest. I chose a Welsh quilt which I must have cut out of a quilt book I think. Clearly I was feeling very wifely and trying to please my Welsh husband. Here is the gorgeous quilt I was making in my mind:

But I couldn't find those lovely faded fabrics in my local quilt shop so had to buy bolder solids which kind of spoiled the look. I also decided not to copy the black in the triangles in the middle which is one of the things that makes the original quilt work and then finished the quilt off with a black frame.

Goodness knows what possessed me to back the whole thing in this "attractive" shade of brown - no additional piecing or design, just a whole slab of brown. And no pretty gingham or pieced or patterned border, just the black frame turned over onto the back.

Some additional attractive features are my choice of black thread for the quilting, the holes in the quilt (for example in the green triangle) where cheap polyester wadding peeks through and the fact that I clearly got bored of quilting and stopped doing extra lines after the inner row. And take a look at those colour combinations. What was I thinking?

As a final touch, I added this attractive set of handles and velcro strap so it can be folded carried to and from picnics with ease. Look at the pretty zigzagging on the velcro strap - also in black thread.
I can't wait to see the other entrants. Of course I want to win but, if I do, will I feel happy or sad? "Congratulations to Lynne in the UK who produced by far the ugliest quilt." Or even worse, what if I don't win but get a special mention? " Sorry to all the other entrants who didn't win although, Lynne in the UK, yours came very close."

And, if you've clicked through from Natalia, I'd love it if you would click "follower" - I'm a brand new blogger and only have a very few followers so far and would love to have a few more. Failing that, leave a comment - I LURVE comments and haven't had that many yet. Poor, poor me!


  1. Well it's not really that ugly, but all your descriptions are a riot! I hope you get to include all of your words with your entry :) Your post made me laugh this morning.... thanks!

  2. I'm sorry but it just isn't ugly enough!! Just wait till you see my train one!! X

  3. Ok, sweetie, I am a new follower...gotta build your friends...now have to admit, no ugly smile to deliver here..I think it is rather, well on the scale of 1-10 a 5...not so bad for a new mom try...do love the handle idea....
    blessings madame samm

  4. you have a lovely blog, don't mind if i do follow!!! i do think the straps and velcro are clever for carrying it as a picnic quilt

  5. I agree, I don't think it's all that bad! Welcome to the blogging world! :)

  6. LOL! I also agree that it's not that bad. But I think we all have a quilt that we look back on now and say "what was I thinking??".

    Jennifer :)

  7. Not horrible, but you are probably like me and you are super hard on yourself! Oh and I will follow too :)

  8. Sorry, hon, but I don't think you're going to even be a runner-up in this contest !

    But, you're doing good in the comments department today anyway !

    Congrats on a fun post !

  9. not nearly ugly enough...it's darling! and dare i say MOD looking? ;-) cute blog!

  10. Well .... I would never call this quilt ugly but I certainly understand the feelings. I love your blog and am totally jealous of that quilt in your header!

  11. Well, I don't want to be mean but it is GROSS. And I remember it so well with those clever handles. You have come on leaps and bounds in the design department since that one.

  12. I keep stumbling across more of your comments and howling again. Look at everyone else's comments - they've all been so nice! You are right though. I took a lovely picture and made it into something horrible!

  13. I don't think it's ugly at all!! Thank you for sharing your funny story :)

    And take a peek at my entry....



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